Business Start up Legal Forms and Filing Services: Top 3 Companies Review & Coupon Code
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Business Start up Legal Forms and Filing Services: Top 3 Companies Review & Coupon Code

In this report

Starting a new business is a creative, exciting endeavor. It is also an activity that requires many legal documents and forms. Compliance with state and federal laws is critical to the function and success of businesses but is often pushed to the back burner because of lack of experience or knowledge. You may be ready to roll with your great new idea but don’t know where to begin on the legal requirements for a new start-up in your state. 

According to, the national average billing rate for attorneys in 2009 was $284 per hour. Business start-up, legal forms and filing services companies provide an affordable and efficient service to get the basic documents filed. These services allow small start-up business to stretch their legal budget and allocate those funds for more complex legal circumstances.

#1 - CorpNet

CorpNet online business filing service is a company that provides complete small business start up documents and services.  They provide information on each type of business entity to aid you in selecting how you wish to form you company.


They have great videos throughout their website giving overviews and introductions to topics such as ownership and tax structure of the various business entitites. Upon selecting the business entity that you are interested in, you will find adequate information on the distintives and benefits of each business entity type.

Their prices are very low and they offer the same package structure as BizFiling. One notable benefit of CorpNet is that they offer free registered agent service for one year whereas bizFiling is only for six months.

CorpNet offers 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason. If they make an error they will correct it and absorb any additional fees. They will match or beat competitors price.

They have a comparison chart which includes the major business entities and the documents that are required for each.

They offer services for obtaining permits and licenses for businesses that are required to have them.


  • No live chat
  • Website is not quite as user friendly and is a little more cluttered than BizFilings

Price for the major business entities LLC, Scorp, Ccorp,

  • Basic - $49
  • Standard - $129
  • Complete - $199
#2 - MyCorporation

MyCorporation offers comprehensive business start-up documents, services and compliance documents. 


In addition to their package deals, MyCorporation offers a menu with more ala carte items with an easy “get started” button for each menu item. As you fill out the forms to get the document you have selected, there is a sidebar that follows you through the process with FAQ’s pertaining to that specific item. It is a very nice feature for the consumer.

The “help me choose” button will do just that. They line each entity up side by side so that you can see the advantages of each entity.


Although all the information I needed could be found, I found the website a bit difficult to navigate.


MyCorporation offers four packages with more or fewer services according to price. Their business in a box is a complete business start up package that includes a business maintenance management service, logo design, domain name registration, credit card processing and many other bells and whistles.

  • Basic - $49
  • Standard - $99
  • Deluxe - $199
  • Premium Business in a Box - $299
#3 - BizFilings

BizFilings is a comprhensive business start-up legal filing service that provides information on each type of business entity. If you are not sure how you want to organize, read through each overview of the various entities. BizFilings defines each one in a succinct fashion and lists the advantages, benefits and additional considerations for each.


BizFilings has a comparison chart for the four major business entities under which a company may organize. The documents required for each are indicated along with a link to the specific document package.

Additionally, BizFilings offers a Business License Application and Permit packages for businesses that are required to be licensed. They offer business start-ups for foreign nationals incorporating in the US

They have an excellent learning center, state by state guides, a webinar and a blog. Not only can you get the forms you need but you also get a very good education on starting a new business.

Their website is very easy to navigate plus they have a toll free number and click-to-chat feature for additional customer service.


I was unable to find if they actually have an attorney on staff or have an “of counsel relationship” with an attorney or law firm. It is almost certain that they do but it is not listed in the staff or directory of associates and partners. I also could find no comment on whether they offer legal counsel.


BizFiling has a straightforward pricing structure that is clearly stated. Three packages are available each with more or fewer services according to price.

C corp, LLC, LP and LLP:

  • Complete - $347
  • Standard - $247
  • Basic - $97

S Corp:

  • Complete - $377
  • Standard - $237
  • Basic - $97
The Bottom Line

All three companies offer virtually the same services and documents. These companies only supply documents and services for business formation, business compliance documents and business changes such as dissolutions, withdrawals and reinstatements. They all do a good job of educating their customers on the advantages of various business entities.

The bottom line is that BizFilings is more expensive. However if having a very user friendly website and good customer service options with live chat and a toll free number then it may be worth the extra dollars for you.

The price differences between MyCorporation and CorpNet are minimal. The services and documents offered are the same. Between the two, CorpNet had the easier website for navigation. MyCorporation has the added option of Business in a Box which may appeal to those who want a complete and comprehensive business planning, implementation and maintenance package all in one box.

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