Carousel Checks Vs Checks In the Mail
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Carousel Checks Vs Checks In the Mail

In this report

Ordering checks online has never been easier thanks to services like Carousel Checks & Checks In the Mail  .They offers hundreds of exciting check designs in every check format you could need. The service's checks have the latest security features available today, giving you the security you deserve. Whether you’re looking to order a box of fully customized checks or are searching for an online check ordering service that offers the most powerful security features available, Solid check ordering service they pleased to recommend, fast delivery as possible, good check quality. Let’s see which is more better and relable for general and business uses.

#1 - Carousel Checks

Carousel Checks promotes over three thousand five hundred specialty products including personal and business checks.  Discount pricing and a wide variety of products are the key appeal to consumers.  The check designs are unique and have been copyrighted or licensed by the company from the artists themselves.

 A series of personalized checks can be printed using a custom photo picture of the customer’s liking. The first picture is free of charge with each additional custom check costing five dollars each. The customer may upload up to twenty-four images and can design the layout or have Carousel Checks do so, at no additional charg.

Specific Pros

Product selection sets Carousel Checks apart from its competitors. With a choice of thousands of designs you would be hard-pressed to find another check printing company with the variety Carousel provides.

The company’s licensing arrangement is also very different. Carousel prints all its products at its own facility in Illinois. All designs are copyrighted and licensed by the artists before being offered to the consumers.

Perhaps most important of all is Carousel’s pricing policy. Reorders cost the same as first-time purchases. The company proudly reminds the public that it wants customers for life making repeat business one of its prime objectives.

Specific Cons

  • Carousel Checks takes seventy-two hours to produce the checks and an additional 12-21 days to mail the order.
  • This check-ordering service does not offer value packs or specials.

Pricing & Package

Check Works & Checks Unlimited are two other competitors of Carousel Checks and let's see how they compete in pricing:

For standardized personal checks, Carousel Checks offered the cheapest price. For safety checks, the cost for one box is $6.49.

Check Works came in second with a charge of $9.95 for a box of standard checks (includes free shipping and lettering) and the cost applies to every order given, not just first time orders.

Checks Unlimited was priced the highest at $17.99 for a box of classic checks. This is not including the 10% discount given for first time customers.

The company with the best deal on re-orders would again be Carousel Checks, since the price is always the same whether a first time buyer or repeat customer. Prices start at $4.99 but range according to the type of check desired.

#2 - Checks In the Mail

Checks in the Mail provide embossed checks for use with any bank.  From a copy of a deposit slip or canceled check, they can print up checks for either businesses or private use.  Depending on your choice, Checks in the Mail can be cheaper than ordering checks through your bank.  Banks have been busy increasing their fees, and they believe that most customers are unaware that you can order checks from other places besides the bank.  Now, you do not need to pay these fees unless you choose.  Checks in the Mail also has a broader selection of checks then most banks.  This includes numerous nature selections, patriotic and military styles, checks that support various causes and checks where you can add your own picture or photos.  There is also a good selection of cartoon characters and other icons from movie and folklore.

Specifici Pros 

  • Competitive pricing on all check orders,
  • Large range of styles and colors to choose from,
  • Has check styles that will work with major accounting software,
  • Customer service to resolve any problems with new orders,
  • Provides kits to business to get a business up and running quickly,
  • Shipping is trackable and orders ship altogether unless otherwise requested,
  • Cheaper shipping is available if needed,
  • Has checks available for several types of printers,
  • Takes all major credit cards or PO numbers,
  • Will send a catalog out of all its products free of charge
  • Is a member of the Better Business Bureau

Specific Cons

  • Checks In The Mail does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Pricing & Package

Cheap Check Store & Walmart Checks are other competitetors of Check in the Mail. Let's price a few items and see how they compare.

1. Personal Micky Mouse checks:

  • Check in the Mail: 1 box (125 checks) $17.99
  • Cheap Check Store: Not available but similar runs around $11.99 per box
  • Walmart Checks: 1 box (150 checks) $6.95

2. Laser Business Checks Blue Marble Design:

  • Check in the Mail: 250 for $36.99 (.15 per check)
  • Cheap Check Store: 300 for $19.99 (.07 per check)
  • Walmart Checks: 500 for $43.96 (.09 per check)

3. Basic Green Payroll Check:

  • Check in the Mail: 252 for $26.99 (.11 per check)
  • Cheap Check Store: 300 for $22.99 (.08 per check)
  • Walmart Checks:  300 for $19.99 (07 per check)
The Bottom Line

Bottom of the line is that after reading all pros and cons of Carousel Checks & Checks In the Mail, I suggest you to go with Checks In the Mail, Following are resons to suggest Checks In the Mail are listed below:

  • Checks In the Mail takes around 48 hours to produce the checks and an additional 5-10 days to mail the order, where Carousel Checks takes seventy-two hours to produce the checks and an additional 12-21 days to mail the order.
  • This check-ordering service offer value packs or specials.

But one week point of Checks is that they does not offer a money-back guarantee, Carousel Checks assure you about your money and return back your money if raw cases.

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