Intuit Go Payment
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Intuit Go Payment

This is a brief and detailed review about the intuit go payment card reader and the steps on how to become apart of this growing opportunity. This will help anyone who is just starting with a business or wants to get one for personal use. This will be a must read.


Have you been on Facebook and just so happened to look at the ads and see an advertisement about the “Intuit” Go Payment”. For those who have seen it and is skeptical about what it is, this article will help you and give you good reasons why you may want to get one for yourself.

What Is Intuit Go Payment? 

Intuit is a new payment method that gives the power of receiving credit card payments in the palm of their hands. With this machine you can accept any credit card, debit card and even gift cards, basically

anything with a bar strip. So there is no more excuses that your friends or family or anyone you loan money to can not pay you back. It comes with a debit card in which all your transactions will go once they are accepted. 

How do I get one? 

You can go search the ads in on your Facebook and click on the link on go to the website and fill out the application, this only is suitable for those who have either and IPhone, IPod Touch or Tablet or Android phone for you will need to download the app for the device. 

Why should I get one?

 If you are a person of business or plan to open a business, this is a must have because to have a card machine through other companies can be really expensive, this portable device have very low rates. Another good reason is instead of dealing with a bunch of receipts, the money you earned will go right to your card. There is a cool feature where once the transaction starts, people can sign their name right on their device, how cool is that?

This device and others like it have been featured on television and magazines and now it is available to the public. People who have the device rejoice about how it helped them in their financial endeavors:

“I thank my friend for putting me on this, I am a barber and I think I am the only barber who can take cards now, I am letting all my people know about it”- Curtis- Local Barber

the only thing to ask now is, what are you waiting for, get your Intuit Card device and debit card today for free just by going to their site and filling out for it. It also comes with that fancy card acceptance sticker to place in your window. This is one decision that will pay off in the long run, literally.

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