Modified Block Style Letter Writing
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Modified Block Style Letter Writing

One conventional way of writing a business letter is the modified block style form. This letter form is appropriate for writing sales letter, thank you letter, resignation letter and cover letter.

One of the conventional ways of writing a formal or prescribe business letter is the modified block style. This type can be written for both email and print correspondence. The closing signature and the justification of the header make this letter type different from a block style.

Examples of modified block style letters include thank you letters, sales letter, cover letters and resignation letters.

The Header

To create the header, you must tab to the upper portion and center of the page. But if you are using a company letterhead, your header will just consist of a date. If you are not using a letterhead, you may type your name but it is optional, your return address and date. If done, leave four single blank lines. Here is a header example;

Joseph Juvichy

789 Quiapo Street

CA 456790

April 29 2010

But in a company setting, communication is mostly written with the use of the company’s letterhead.

The Inside Address

The inside address should be written left justified. Write the name of the person you are writing, his appropriate and formal title, the name of the company and business address. You use only the company name if you do not know the name, designation or title of the person you are writing. Here is an example:

Mr. Joseph Lee Juvichy

Human Resource Officer

ABC Company

145 Quiapo Street

CA 123678

The Salutation

A salutation is a greeting to the receiver of the letter and it is tag along by a colon. Then follow it with two blank single lines. Here is an example of a salutation, Dear Mr. Akito:

Body of the Letter

The body of the letter should be written in paragraph form and it should not be indented. The content of the paragraph should be in single space and between paragraphs, use double space. Then leave two single blank lines at the end of your body text.

Complimentary Close

To write the complimentary close, you have to tab to the center of the page and type “Sincerely” followed by a comma. Then follow it with four single blank lines.


The signature line should be written on the center of the page. Type your name and on the next line type your title. Then the four blank lines you previously leave is where you will affix your signature. It is recommended that you use black ink pen when signing. And if necessary, you may include an enclosure line.

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