Three Ways to Use Business Cards
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Three Ways to Use Business Cards

Business cards are not just for business anymore. Many people use them for personal use.

Business cards are a great tool but they aren't just for business people anymore. Everyone should have a set of business cards and carry a few with them at all times. 

It used to be that employers would pay for their employees to have a set of business cards.  Whenever there was a meeting, conference, or business trip, you would find people exchanging their business cards.  This is how a lot of business people kept in touch and networked. Business cards are a great tool to have in your pocket.

Today, there are many other reasons why everyone should carry a few business cards with them.  After you read this list, you may see a reason why you need to get some business cards.

Travel or Vacations

While you're on vacation or traveling, it's very common that you'll meet someone that you enjoy talking to.  This can happen on the airplane, in a taxi, at dinner on a cruise ship, or at a resort.  There's plenty of ways to start a conversation and you may find that you want to talk to a particular person some more.  Instead of fumbling for a piece of paper and pen, just hand the person one of your business cards. You can continue the conversation by phone or email at a later time.

Most of us don't carry a pad of paper with us while we're on vacation, so it's much easier to have some business cards to use for your personal use. On these cards you may have your name, address, phone number, and email address.  Or maybe you skip the address and just include your phone number an email address.  That's up to you, but these cards are not business cards per se, they're your personal cards to use when you want to.

Filling Out Forms

If you ever have to go to the bank to fill out a form for an account or loan, the bank representative always fills the form out for you.  Instead of saying your name and address along with spelling it for the bank representative, just give them one of your business cards.  With all your information printed out, they can clearly spell your name right along with your address and phone number.

Banks aren't the only businesses where you would hand out your business card as a reference. Anyplace that asks you for your personal information is a good candidate to receive one of your business cards.  Colleges, job interviews, delivery of large appliances, setting up any type of account, and the list goes on.  Business cards are great to keep on hand just in case you encounter one of these situations.


Networking is the main reason for business card usage, however, it's not just business networking that you may need business cards for. Suppose your favorite hobby is gardening and you take a gardening class.  You'll meet other people taking the class and you may want to share ideas or keep in touch with them.  Just hand out your personal business card.

Where To Find Business Cards

There are a gazillion places out there where you can order business cards.  A local print shop or an online website will make business cards for you.  Prices will vary so be sure to do some homework and compare prices.

You can also make your own business cards by purchasing the stock and downloading a free design on the web.

Design Choices for Business Cards

Business cards are so popular now that there are many different designs to choose from.  Most print shops or online websites will show you sample designs. If you don't see anything you like, many places will accept custom orders where you design your own business card.

Let's say that you do like gardening and you do like flowers.  Maybe a business card with your favorite flower is what you'd like.  If you enjoy fishing, there's plenty of fish that you can find to add to your card.

There are embossed business cards for formal usage such as weddings and there are many unique business cards that you can choose from.

The Two-Sided Business Card

The new trend today in personal business cards is the two-sided card.  On the front you may have just your name or a monogram of one initial against a soft background.  Flip the card over, and you've got soft, pastel flowers with your personal information on it.  It's a very pleasing look and may be the design that you'd like on your personal business card.

Once you have your business cards printed and delivered, always keep a few in your wallet. You'll wonder how you got along without them.

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