Using Google To Keep Your Business Well 1
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Using Google To Keep Your Business Well 1

Google has money making tools for a small business, however rules need to be followed to acquire traffic and keep the account intact. Within the Google product are important traffic rules to make the most of this internet, search marketing tool and keep it as well.

Popular "Google" gets 11,950,000,000 searches in 24 seconds, informing business people, worldwide what a valuable internet marketing tool this is. There is a need to maintain a good account so profits continue, since it is so popular. AdSense, AdWords and now by acquiring Motorola mobile phone services, the connecting Internet search engine bridges customers and business owners online every second for remarkable profits.

Android will be even more used with the ever sought after Google Maps, Google Docs and Google Books with Google Apps stepped up a notch too.  The newest acquisition makes it more necessary to know some in depth information about the Internet giant to keep an account intact. As in the past, policies change forming new requirements for a small business owner using Google.

After having my AdSense account suspended, research was done to discover monumental facts that can help your business Google account remain intact without slaps, suspensions or being banned that you might learn first hand right now. Because the company watches SEO in all forms of writing, freelance writers might want to pay special attention to their business using these uncovered facts even if they don't own an AdSense account because articles go through Google using some regulations mentioned here.

Google permits original, unique and require courtesy mention for some documented material. Certain guidelines must be followed to maintain an active AdSense or AdWords account avoiding pitfalls that lead to a closed Google AdSense account. These facts will preserve your Google account for your blog, website and even your article notoriety as well. Although everything mentioned here will not pertain to your personal Apple, or other computer use, iPhone, video, or Microsoft company business actions: Google rules can be most helpful in creating a better business while adhering to these treasures. Know these are by far not a full list of Google company tools since policies frequently change.

1.  Avoid mirror pages on personal sites for great Google traffic. A mirror page is one that forwards to a third party website.

2.  Use personal photos or give specific credit for courtesy pictures used. Buying a license to use the photo does not exempt a person from citing the origin.

3.  Be completely transparent in what your information is that you are describing. Unclear data triggers Google bots to pick up on "shady" deals.

4.  Google has a three strike rule. There will be search engine observations both manually using analysts and Internet bots to determine those strikes. Most people will be sent notification when those three strikes are reached.

5.  Do not have pop ups on Internet sites. AdWords pick out pop ups and exit with Google giving very low value to Internet material.

6.  Provide privacy policy to customers on accounts for online customers. Mentioning you will not be selling email addresses is an added security to consumers. 

7.  Don't sell a get rich quick scheme. Steer away from high performance product or "wow" money making deals.

8.  State the up front nature of the business on website. Compare competitors rather than "high sell" your business.

9.  Make website or blog easy to navigate.

10.Provide unsubscribe or opt out icon.

11.Do not recruit people without selling product.

12.Avoid only bridging to another site from homepage.

13.Keep product or business clear.

14.Do not increase price after trial period without full disclosure of that intent.

15.Use relevant, unique and original material. Themes will be picked up by Google if copied.

16. If resources harvested, award proper credit.  


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Great information Roberta, there was a lot learned here today. +1

I hate pop up ads and try to avoid returning to sites if I know they have them. Its always good to avoid having these dang things on your site.

Very interesting helpful article.

Brillant work, Roberta.

Great discussion on a subject I know little about. Thank you. Voted up.

Another winner here Roberta.

Good share.

Incredibly useful info, thanks!

Excellent information Roberta. Well done. Voted up.

Excellent important information on this topic, Voted up!

You wowed with your knowledge on this field. Thought it is a "kid" thing. :-)

Google is the no 1 search engine and it's also popular among the internet users.

Ranked #44 in Business Tools

very informative and useful read.Thanks.

Great share! Useful and relevant tips. Article also very well written and reader-friendly.Thanks for posting valuable info on the advantages of using Google and things to avoid. Voted up!

very interesting facts

Fascinating article with incredible statistics. Well done, Roberta.

Ranked #7 in Business Tools

It is so easy to get your account suspended these days - great tips for avoiding it!